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Stay Hydrated on the Go!

A reusable glass water bottle is good for your health, good for your pocket and good for the planet. :) ūüĆé

By 2025, there is going to be more plastic in the sea than fish. It's Alarming right! Products that use plastic aren’t just bad for our environment, they’re also bad for our health.

I'm Mar the founder of Orffit Life & Living, and for years I was struggling to drink water, just like many people even though people don't talk often about hydration. I was trying to increase my hydration and improve day to day my water intake and how I can live more planet friendly and become a conscious consumer.

All of us are busy with our daily routine, 90% of the time we are sit-down in front our computer and we need to drink minimum 4 water bottle a day to stay hydrated. As a tea, fitness and travel lover I would like to have a product that made my life easier and act as visual reminder to motivates me to drink more water, easy to clean and made of with the most sustainable materials.
I want a product makes me feel proud when I take it everywhere and show the empathy for the planet, thus I don't found it on the market what I was looking for, I designed the Orffit glass reusable water bottle, a bottle with minimalist design, designed for people passionate about travel, health and wellness, people that are looking for to represents the be the best version of themself and It's looking for a products are thinking on all their needs and concerns such as: materials, cleanse and sustainability.
A Reusable Water Bottle Designed With Intention
When people buy a reusable water bottle often they don't know their actions are having a positive impact.. As a UX Designer I was encouraged to design a reusable water bottle that was user centric, with minimalist design, easy to clean,  and made with the most sustainable material such as glass and bamboo to avoid using  single plastic. An Orffit bottle is the product that all people and stores would like to have, to stay hydrated on the Go! and feeling proud. 



Our mission is empower people to dive into healthy and sustainable habits to become a conscious consumer. We design an innovative eco-friendly water bottle and products, to ways to be sustainable in everyday life. We are firm believers that the world doesn't need more products, it needs a better solution. 

All small steps count!


Our vision is to inspire people to stay hydrated on the go and celebrate each positive action they do for the planet and discover why is sustainable living important and benefits all of us. We believe that 80% of results are 20% of our effort. We can travel and live more sustainable.