• SWEET BITES - Organic snack box sodium and sugar low



We curated the snacks box carefully.  You can now try new brands, get 1-3 additional surprise products in the subscription box. In each box, you will receive 5-7 full-size ítems plus the additional surprise product. Some products can be replaced by similar items if they are not available in stock.

Our snacks box is sodium and sugar low, organic, and sustainable products. Diabetes-Friendly! 

  • Cantuccini
  • Quinoa bar 
  • Chocolate 
  • Coconut bites

10 minutes Cardio

Burn 100 Cal. Jumping, Running, jumping jack & Climbing

10 minutes defining Body

3/10 sessions. Crunches, Squats, Weights & Push Up

Eat Healthy

50% Vegetable & Fruits, 30% of Protein & 20% Whole grain